Child counselling

Child counselling is offered to children aged 4-11. Sessions are offered face-to-face, the venue is in the heart of Coleshill, Warwickshire. The room is child friendly and I provide resources for the child to engage in whilst they come for their counselling sessions.

It works best when the child is able to come into the counselling room alone, this can be hard for some children to begin with, but we always work at your child’s pace. There is space available to wait downstairs whilst your child is in their session. We provide a space of freedom for the child within safe boundaries whereby they can explore and begin to make sense of their experiences leading them to gain control. Within this, it allows the child to start to manage and cope with their experiences more effectively and it can help in building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Parental consent is necessary for this age group, however this does not mean as the counsellor I will be sharing content of discussions with the parent about what the child is sharing in the sessions. Whilst it is good to have the engagement of parents, it is so important for the young person to have their own confidentiality and privacy. The young person may share what they would like to with their parent.

We can work together towards a goal the young person may wish to achieve and check in each session to see how this is going for them.

Sessions last 40 minutes and are usually weekly, it works better that way for continuity and for therapy top flow. There is no limit to the amount of sessions you have, but if you would like to try to work towards a set amount, we can work with you on this. Sessions cost £40 per session, 10% discount is offered for block booking of six sessions.

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