Couple counselling

Couple counselling is offered face-to-face or via zoom. For face-to-face counselling, the venue is in the heart of Coleshill, Warwickshire. The room is comfortable and welcoming, a place where you can focus on you and your relationship and what you wish to discuss or explore with your counsellor.

Should you require face-to-face or zoom counselling sessions, the way I will work with you as your counsellor will be to aim to create a space that feels safe for you and your partner to talk openly and honestly about problems or issues you are experiencing that are impacting or hindering your relationship.

In couple counselling, we strive to begin with creating a shared goal and work together throughout the counselling sessions to hear and understand from the other partner’s perspective their experience of your relationship. There are various issues couples reach out for counselling, a common problem being with communication, we can work together to explore how these issues can be changed or improved.

Sessions last 50 minutes and are usually weekly, it works better that way for continuity and for therapy top flow. There is no limit to the amount of sessions you have, but if you would like to try to work towards a set amount, we can work with you on this. Sessions cost £65 per session, 10% discount is offered for block booking of six sessions.

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